New Work, Yet Again

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Just a few months ago, I wrote about my return in Makati working as a Marcomm Executive in an IT Security company. Well, turned out that I am not fit in there. Why? That I was also thinking. For most of the time that the same question was asked to me, I often tell that it was because I had a hard time adjusting because there was no endorsement, that they cannot answer some my question to the task given and turned out it has a template after I did what they asked, that I don’t feel very much welcome in there etc etc. Maybe, I think all of these reasons are true.

Yes, I transferred again to another company but still here in Makati and still an IT company. This time, they are more of a Microsoft solutions seller. Unknown to my peers and family, I am actually getting a lower pay here compared to the IT Security company, probably just the same with the take home pay with the resort company I was in prior to moving in Makati. Well, the basic pay is higher but since I do not have the non taxable allowance anymore, my take home pay is a bit lower than that of the IT Security company. But I didn’t mind at all. I was thinking back then that it’s okay as long as I am able to get out.

Actually it was, I don’t know, a blessing in disguise on how I came in contact with the current company. I was already thinking of what should I do plus the feeling I had that the IT Security company will not make me a regular employee. Then I received a call from a recruitment firm saying that they found my resume and was inviting me for an interview. I don’t know what got me and said yes.

Day of the interview came and I had a hard time getting a ride to Makati. I took a longer time than usual for the shuttles to arrive at the terminal and traffic was heavy on the way to Makati so I called in that I won’t be able to make it. I took that as a sign. Just when I arrived in Makati walking towards the office, the recruitment firm called asking if I could make it by after lunch for the interview. Again, I think that was a sign. Everything else that followed seemed to be in perfect timing. My interviews are early and not affecting my time in the office. And to make the long story short, I got in and I accepted the offer.

Again, unknown to many, I am a contractual employee here. Something new to me since in my previous jobs, I was directly hired.

I feel so welcome when I first got in. My boss is really friendly. Actually, everyone is friendly and warm. I am getting the training needed, the materials needed and we have the metrics to follow and will be the basis if they will absorb me or extend my contract or kick me out.

I must say, I like it here. So far work is good. But I admit that I am a bit nervous because I am always late. They are very strict for the Time In at 8:30AM and still I am late and I think I came in early for only 3 times. So I’m crossing my fingers that they will let it pass and focus more on the work I am doing or just did because I like it here.


2015 GOALS

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I don’t want to have New Year’s resolution bacause I think that’s a bit old school so instead I told myself that I’ll list down my goals for 2015 instead. Haven’t given much thought about it though. So as a start, I’m listing these things down.


  1. New work/career
  2. Go to zumba every Saturday (unless a prior activity is scheduled or is raining too hard)
  3. Save at least Php10, 000 by July (for Sunlife)
  4. Buy a new phone
  5. Go on a summer vacation
  6. Go to Enchanted Kingdom with family
  7. Save at least Php15, 000 by end of the year
  8. Driving lesson
  9. Get a driver’s license
  10. Watch a concert
  11. Watch a movie alone
  12. Do volunteer work
  13. Try a new hobby
  14. love life!

So let’s see if I’ll be able to do these and hopefully I’ll be able to add more. 🙂

My Thoughts About This Podcast Called Serial

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Serial Podcast Logo

Serial Podcast Logo

I first saw about this new podcast called Serial on Twitter I think around October 2014. I was so curious about but it was already November when I started listening to it.

It talks about a case which happened January 13th of 1999. A highschool girl named Hae Min Lee was murdered and the suspect, her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed. Throughout this podcast, host Sarah Koenig tried to uncover what really happened on that afternoon and if Adnan is really guilty. He’s been in prison for around 15 years now.

Koenig and her team found some loop holes in the case like some samples were not tested or Jay’s testimonies were inconsistent and of course the phone records. It was just so intriguing listening to it. And now that it’s over, I’m joining the bandwagon of sharing what I think of the case and if Adnan Syed is really guilty or not.

I’m not an expert of anything close or related to this case. I’m just a regular employee in Manila. But after listening to this much-talked about podcast, here are my thoughts:

  1. I think Adnan and Jay have something to do with Hae Min Lee’s murder.

I wanted to say ‘I believe’ but it saying those words means I’m 100% sure which I’m not so I’m saying ‘I think’ instead.

  1. Jay isn’t telling the whole truth and so is Adnan.

I think that they are trying to protect or cover up someone or each other. And maybe to be able to do so, the other one needs to ‘sacrifice’.

  1. That Nisia call is such a mystery.

Yes, even I find that call so intriguing and makes my head hurt. I sometimes feel that this is the key in solving or at least clarifying this whole thing.

  1. If Adnan is innocent, then why does he seemed so calm about all that happened?

Whenever I listen to Adnan talking to Sarah about this, I find him so calm or seemed like he’s just telling a story. I mean wouldn’t you be at least be at one point a bit emotional in talking to Sarah. He just spent 15 years in prison for something he says he didn’t do.

  1. I think throughout this podcast, I developed a liking to Adnan.

I mean, I just saw his pictures way back 15 years ago and just hear his voice in every episode but I think I developed a liking to him. Not that this is serious or what, I just like the way he talks or how he manages this thing while talking to Sarah. He seems likable though, which I think the reason why others don’t believe that he killed Hae.

  1. Whenever I see Muslims, I feel and differently of them now.

News nowadays consists of things like the ISIS and here in Manila, Abu Sayyaf. These groups make us feel scared of Muslims or depict a scary image of Muslims but listening to Serial makes me pause and think, they’re all not the same.

  1. How is Adnan’s family doing now the podcast has ended?

It may be a difficult time for them when Sarah Koenig started this story, reviving something that hurt and still hurting the Syed family. But how are they now? How are they coping in the sudden attention Adnan’s case has gotten?

  1. Would there be an appeal?

If I remember it right, Adnan gave permission to have some samples to be tested now. It may or may not help his case but I think this is a start. I’m looking forward to the resolution though I don’t know how I could get as much news.

I wish this season ended with a definite answer, just like the normal TV series I usually watch. This is just way different. Koenig and her team just laid out the things they discovered, tried to scrutinized every detail and it’s still up to you to decide whether or not Adnan Syed is guilty or not.

I’m looking forward for the next season. But how long will I wait for the next one?

To learn more about the podcast, you may visit their website


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photo from Google Images

photo from Google Images

I think I’m going to write this blog in Tagalog and English to fully express myself.

It’s been a week since this started. My mind and feeling connived and came with this thing. And do I seem happy about it? NO! Absolutely no because it’s driving me nuts.

My sisters and I went to this bazaar on a Sunday. We had planned this for a few days already. When we arrived there, I saw my friend there just at the entrance door. He was the one who greeted me first. Turned out, he’s a staff there for the bazaar. Like a part time job. We got in for free through his help. We’ve been friends since high school, classmates since elementary. Ok, first confession, I had a crush on him way back 3rd year high school. Of course, medyo nahiya naman ako since me and my twin sisters got in, I bought something for him as thanks for doing that, choco pie lang naman. Kasi honestly speaking kung ako lang un nakapasok for free I won’t give him anything na. I will just say goodbye to him before I go.

Then, Tuesday after that, I went back to the bazaar, this time with one of our friends. Well he sent us a message that morning that he’ll let us in which started the whole thing why me and another friend of ours will go that night. I replied and told him na we’re going that night after office. He replied back then I did again. Last message he sent: Ok see you. Mamaya. For me that was nothing naman but I find him a bit cute lang with the messages. Confession number 2: kinilig ako.

So after office, I went to the bazaar na. Since 7:30pm pa uwian nung kasama ko and I’m already there at 7:15pm I told the other friend that I’m going in already and just text me when she arrived. The bazaar friend saw me and we had this conversation:

Bazaar friend: “Ikaw lang?”

Me: “Maya pa 7:30pm out ni ‘other friend’ eh. Sabi ko mauna na lang ako para mabili ko na mga pinapabili sa akin”

Bazaar friend: “Ah ok. Hanggang 10pm lang to ngayon eh. Akala ko nga hindi ka na pupunta.”

Me: “Nagtext kaya ako. Sabi ko papunta na ako.”

Bazaar friend: “Wait lang ha. Andyan supervisor namin eh. Kunwari sasamahan kita mag withdraw sa loob ha.”

Me: “Ok.”

We went in. Him going on first and me right behind him. Hinatid pa niya ako until sa pinaka entrance of the bazaar. Then we bid each other goodbye. He needs to go back to his post na ulit. Nagkita naman kami nung isa namin friend an hour after. She’s with her officemates.

Then Sunday again. It’s bazaar friend’s birthday. I sent him a text message around noon greeting him a happy birthday. He replied na a few hours after saying thank you. Un lang un. I didn’t replied back na kasi wala naman na ako maisip i-reply plus I was with other friends. Then I checked my Facebook the morning after, he sent me a private message pa there. Well, it was just a simple thank you sa pagbati message but still, di ba nagtext ka na kahapon? Confession number 3: napa-smile ako at gusto ko na sapakin ang sarili ko.

Well, I think kaya lang naman ako ganto kasi I’m not used to him being like that. Yes we’ve been friends for the longest time pero we’re not that close pa dina puro kalokohan lang pag magkakasama kami though he really is a gentleman ever since. And maybe some of my girl friends who I met for the Christmas get – togethers shared their kilig stories so feeling ko I’m making up my own. Nakiki-join lang. But whatever this maybe, I want our friendship to be the priority.

What to Write

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photo from Google Images

photo from Google Images

So I have roughly 2 ½ hours left before office hours officially ends but I’ve got not much to do since my superior is out. And then I thought of reviving my blog and write something again. I just want something to do, perhaps. But what should I write?

I started my blog a few years ago. I basically started my blog just to have some outlet, to just write about my travels or new food places I tried or my little drams in life. I didn’t mean for people to notice me so I didn’t really tell anyone that I have one. There are other blogs who liked and followed my blog but I think I can just count them with my fingers. It’s no big deal for me really. I created it to have some sort of online diary because I felt that keeping an actual diary is a bit dangerous.

I wrote different things. My domestic travels with my friends, what we did, what we ate and with matching photos. I wrote about my first international travel with my family and how I felt like a little kid inside Disneyland (and of course with photos to match). I wrote about some new food places I tried and how the food was. I wrote about my little dramas in life and I wrote some fictional stories.

I like fictional stories. There are plots that sometimes will just pop into my mind, usually it’s about an alternate story to teleseryes, kdramas, or books but when I’m about to write it already, I’ll be lost for words. Writers block. And it’ll be stuck there for the longest time before I finish or just like the others, I won’t be able to continue. (Now come to think of it, I’ll just write the plots and hope against hope that I’ll find a way to actually write it and submit it for publication perhaps.)

I must admit that in some point, I envied those whose blog are being recognized or being shared by some. I wish that my blog would be like theirs. But more often, I’m just okay with my blog status. I don’t think mine is also as visually appealing or appealing when it comes to content. I do try to write better though and as often as I could.

I have 2 more hours now. I’ll try to keep myself busy with actual work or list down all those plots or maybe try to continue working on some or perhaps think of what to write next.


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wedding pic

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October 25, 2014

Just came home from a friend’s wedding. We acted as the coordinators. There are a lot of things we could’ve done better but at least we did our best. It’s hard to organize or get through a wedding with just a day of actual run-through of the program and other things. So it got me thinking what would be my wedding like. Actually we talked about it. We had our own thing on which is which but I’m listing down what I want for my wedding. Well at least part of what I wanted because of course my groom should have a say about the details also.

So first things first, my coordinators will be Doodlez, specifically Anj, Val and Rei. From our experience today, I can see that my wedding will be organize when they handle it. Then the motif will be maybe red (more of maroon), white and black, like a vintage feel. Of course, groom should have a say with it also so it’s subject to change.

For my flowers, I like white lilies and pink tulips to decorate the church. As for the venue for reception, I want pink tulips, stargazers and red and white roses to decorate it. The table cloth will be black and maroon and the chair white with ribbons.

The principal sponsors will wear silver dresses with maroon details. The secondary sponsors will wear maroon dress with black accents with the design of their choice. The buttonaires will be red roses, dark red if possible. The secondary sponsors will also have a mini bouquet of red and white roses. The flower girls will wear maroon dress with silver accents (or silver and black accents) and will scatter red and white roses.

My gown will ba a simple flow-y white gown with bead details. I don’t want a long train but I want to have a long veil. For my bouquet, it will be a colorful mix of stargazers, tulips and roses.

For my wedding march, as of the moment, I like it to be Run to You by Lasse Lindh starting with the 1st verse until chorus. It goes like:

“With you Everything seems so easy
With you My heartbeat has found its rhythm
With you I’m so close to finding my home

With you I dont care if I’m a little bit crazy
Cause with you nothing’s wrong

I was broken I was wasted
Then you came like an angel in the rain
Love used to slip trough me like waters slips trough hands
But with you it changed I know I feel I’m closer to your heart

I am run run running to you And I’ll keep you safe forever
Through the tears trough the love and all the nights we share
I am run run running to you And I’ll keep you safe forever
Don’t you know my love don’t you know
two hearts can beat as one”


But another option is let my groom decide it. I think it’s more special to know if he has a special song for that. And note for the videographer, focus a few seconds on my groom while I’m walking down the aisle. I want to watch what his reaction will be, would he be teary-eyed or cry? And of course for the mass and ceremony proper I want a choir, Las Pinas Boys Choir maybe?

For the church, I want a small church where it’s only us who will use it for the day. Or maybe it’s okay if 1 wedding in the morning then another in the afternoon. I want to take our time using the church. For the reception, I don’t know if it’s going to be a garden with tent setting or hotel ballroom setting but I want it to have pink tulips, stargazers and maybe with red and white roses. The presidential table will be maroon with white accents. Other tables will have maroon table cloth with white chairs with black ribbons or black table cloths and white and red ribbons. I want the room brightly colored.

Of course I want the traditional stuff to be there like the releasing of doves, cutting of cake, toast, garter and bouquet toss but I want to have a bit twist in some of it. For the songs, I want whatever popular songs at that time but there should also be some lively music or lively love songs. Songs of band are very much welcome. I want my groom to choose some songs too for the occassion.

I want some prenup photos also. As of now I’m thinking to compile all our random photos of our trips, food trips, movie trips and all our crazy antics. I want a same day edit video also to be played during the reception. Another option is just stolen shots from our usual day c/o videographer, they’ll be like a papparazzi for a day or photos from friends as well.

These are just what I want but of course my groom will have a say to this. We’ll compromise on some details because it’s going to be OUR wedding. I want him to be as hands on as possible too.

Here is my initial song list:

Run to You by Lasse Lindh

Gemini by Spongecola

Boom Clap by Charli XCX

Butterflies by Amba Shepherd

Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

Forevermore by Side A

Crazy For You by Scars on 45

Creey Night

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photo c/o Google Images

photo c/o Google Images

I woke up at the middle of the night. I don’t know what time it is. It’s so pitch black because since our 2nd bulb in the dining got busted a few months back, we didn’t replaced it because of a budding electrical error. That’s the one we usually leave on every night.

I felt that I want to go to the bathroom, this is probably why I woke up. AS I turned sideways, I saw a dark figure near my dresser. There is just an aisle separating me and my dresser. I think it saw me and it seemed that it turned to me and see if I was awake. I got scared of course. I shut my eyes and I’m thinking “Nah, this isn’t real, God will not let this happen.” I got my rosary bracelets underneath my pillow. I got at least 5 of those. I always wear one whenever I go to sleep. And repeat think the same thing. I don’t want to say a common prayer because it may copy me and taht will just make it worse!

I clutch one rosary and put on another one on my other wrist. Still thinking that it wasn’t real and my mind is just playing tricks on me. And to make it worse, the urge for me to go to the bathroom gets stronger. I peeked at the side and it seemed clear. So I got up.

I switched on the lights on my room first then the dining. I checked the clock, it’s 3:30AM. I just shrugged it off and went to the bathroom.

Going back to my room, I still feel a bit nervous. I switched off the dining’s light. Then I search around my room, nothing. I stared at the picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the angels on the table at the foot of my bed and thining, as if I’m talking to them, “I know you won’t let anything happen to me/us. Thank you.”

I switched off my room’s light and went to bed again still wearing another rosary bracelts and the others nearby. Whether it was a trick of the mind or the real thing, it scared me to bits.